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People That Inspire Us in 2010

How did we come up with the idea to quit our jobs and go traveling for an unlimited amount of time while simultaneously writing this blog? That is a question that we’ve received many times. It’s hard to say exactly where all the ideas flows from. We get inspired from here and there. But for us, some people stand out more than others. Here is our take on people that has inspired us over the last year.

  1. Picture of Gary Vaynerchuk
    Gary Vaynerchuk – Author and wine expert.
    Gary is most known for his talk on the Web 2.0 Expo in New York 2008, where he says that all you need is “Passion and patience” to really “kill it!”. Not for the sensitive listener/viewer as profanity is his way. Dirty or not, he is very inspiring and really gets your fire burning. Besides talking like a hero, he also runs a wine import family business. Gary helps us stay focused.
  2. Picture of Erin Pavlina
    Erin Pavlina – Psychic Medium.
    Erin writes about her experiences as a psychic medium and about her philosophy. Her piece “You Are Worthy of Love” makes you feel embraced and loved wherever you are.
    Here is a quote:
    “You are living in an illusion where you think you must act a certain way in order to gain Love. There is no mountain to climb. There is no goal to reach. No approval you must seek. You must only remember that you are loved.”.

    Powerful stuff, right? Erin helps us trust and love.

  3. Portrait of Chris Guillebeau
    Chris Guillebeau – Professional writer.
    Chris wrote a beautifully crafted PDF named 279 Days to Overnight Success. It is about how to start your own blog and really make it shine, through a practical approach. His core message is:
    “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.”.
    Chris stands out in the way that he is very strict about being authentic and honest. We like that very much!
    Chris helps us with strategy.
  4. Portrait of Waris Dirie
    Waries Dirie – Model, author and human rights activist.
    Her book Desert Flower is a biography of her escape from a conservative father in the Somali desert and her struggle against female circumsticion. Here is a quote from “Desert Flower”:
    “My long journey across the desert had come to an end. I was unafraid, ready to die.
    ‘Come and get me,’ I said to the lion. ‘I’m ready.’
    The book was recently turned into a movie Waris Dirie teaches us strength and to never, ever, give up.

So there you have it. 4 people that has inspired, and keep inspiring us!
What inspires you?

How To Create Your Own Beautiful Website!

Do you want to build a website, community or blog?
Some of you have asked us how we made this website.
This is how!

You’re only three steps from having your own vibrating online home.


Buy a good web host and a domain name.
If you are serious with your website you should buy a host instead of using a free service (like or Serious web hosts offers domain registration as well as web hosting.
I suggest that you use either Binero if you’re based in Sweden, or Dreamhost if you are based outside of Sweden.
Both offer superior support and service to an unbeatable price.



Install the best software on it.
In my previous daily work as a web developer I recommended most people and organizations to use WordPress.
It’s a feature-rich, highly secure, open source software that offers unlimited customization, free updates and a well written documentation.
It also have lots of plugins and free themes.
For most people, it will be everything they’ll ever need.
You can build blogs, web sites and even communities (through BuddyPress) using it.
On both Binero and Dreamhost it’s as easy as pushing a button when you install WordPress. On both sites, it’s called “One-Click” installers.



Get a stunning theme!
If your website isn’t beautiful and easy to use, nobody will read it.
As you’re building a serious website you’ll want it to look really good.
Thanks to WooThemes it’s now really cheap to get a good looking theme that is easy to brand and customize in most ways you’d like to.
They also offer really good support and free updates to the themes you purchase.

There you have it!
Three easy steps to a bad-ass, smokingly hot, easy-to-use website, branded and customized to fit your needs.

Good luck!

Why do we travel?

What is traveling?
We associate traveling with new impressions of all kinds, and we believe that new impressions will develop us in many different ways. It makes us more willing to care, to live, to create and to love.

Market in Kenya

We travel to reach our full personal potential.
Traveling means meeting new people, and engaging with (to us) unknown cultures:
* tasting unknown foods
* wandering on unknown roads
* playing and singing unknown music
* viewing unknown landscapes
* taking part of unknown peoples lives

We’re finding it harder to fulfill ourselves while being on the same schedule every day.
Getting up in the morning, going to work, having dinner, go to sleep, getting up again.
This routine can be devastating. For us it is! At home we’re not actively engaging with the people that we encounter, we don’t try to make new food, we don’t teach ourselves new languages and we don’t try out new instruments.
Do you?
While traveling we’ve experienced that we can be better than we are at home,
that we are actually better than ourselves.
That’s why we’re traveling!
Traveling makes us more open to new possibilities, more daringly, active and more social.

Traveling thrills us!
Not knowing where you’ll spend the night, or what you’ll see tomorrow or even the following hour or minute thrills. When you’re on the road, you need to interact with random people and solve difficult problems to be able to move on.
You need to:
* force yourself out of your comfort zone
* reach out to people
* learn all the time – new words, habits and manners

This type of challenge makes you sleep very well.
We love sleeping. We love dreaming.

What thrills you and why do you travel?

Why dance like chickens?

Our vision is simple:

We want to unite individuals all over the planet through a global and collective dance that will strike as a sudden storm and spread around the world like a virus.
It will be innocent, silly and extremely funny.
Uncontrollable, sudden and extremely potent.

Sillyness can spark revolutions.

We don’t have any hidden messages or political agendas.
We’re not part of any corporation, political party or religious community.

We are lovers, driven by fearlessness and passion who truthfully believe that this dance will change lives in some way.

“How” is up to you.

Dance with us or arrange one yourself!

The Chicken Dance Tour

Why do you hitchhike?

Hitchhiker with a sign saying "Freshly Shower'd"
It’s fun to hitchhike! (Sign, love and photo by Peacehead)

You’ve probably never hitchhiked if you ask why you should hitchhike.
In many countries, Sweden, for example, hitchhiking is a rare form of traveling these days.
In some other countries, it’s the most common way of traveling by car there is.

This is why we hitchhike:

  • To meet!
    Most people tell you their life story when they pick you up, or how they used to hitchhike themselves. Some ask you questions, or gladly answers yours. Most of all, it’s just wonderful to get to feel so overwhelmingly grateful for the hitch. You’ll feel grateful for the ride, and the driver will feel grateful for the opportunity to do a good deed. Win-win!
  • Slow traveling!
    When you go by plane, it’s as if you’ve teleported yourself to your destination. Or, if you’ve seen the movie “Truman Show”, it’s as if someone just changed the sets during the hours you spent in the plane.
    We want to truly feel and experience that we’re really moving and traveling. The ultimate way would be by walking, but that would take forever, and we would not meet with persons, as most people travel by car these days.
  • Unpredictability!
    It’s hard to predict where we will be at what time. As we are moving from a very fixed situation (we both have stable jobs and everything in our everyday life is very predictable) we are looking forward to spend time as if we had all the time in the world. Because, guess what. We do. When did you last experience that kind of freedom?
  • It’s fun!
    We will get to make signs with funny messages on them, and we’ll get to see several funny faces and reactions from the people that will not give us a hitch but just pass us by. Some of them will even give us the finger. Yes, THAT finger ;) .
  • Food for thought!
    How many of the people that didn’t pick us up will tell their families that story?
    How many of them will think back and wonder where we came from, and why we were passing by their reality?
    How many of them will take a leap of faith and pick up the next hitchhiker they’ll see?
    How many of them will get so inspired that they will try hitchhiking themselves?
    How many of them will quit their jobs and start traveling full time?
    How many of the drivers that DID pick us up will tell their friends, families and co-workers?
    How many of them will pray for us?
    How many will give us their email address?
    How many of them will invite us to their homes, to meet their children, husbands or wifes, girlfriends or boyfriends?
  • For the environment!
    Kind of a no-brainer. This planet is overheating and too many cars travel with only one passenger.

Happy hitchhikers (photo by Guaka)

As you can see, there are LOTS of good reasons to hitchhike.
But there is one reason that we’ve saved for last:
It’s a very spiritual way of traveling.
Again and again you’ll wonder how you came to be so lucky,
and how it seems that the whole universe is collaborating to make your trip perfect.

One thing is certain:
We’ll always pick up hitchhikers in the future.
Share the love :) !