The Chicken Dance – Iran!

This Chicken Dance post will come without a video or even a photo. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t make it in Iran.

The Chicken Dance started as a silly, funny, sparkling storm of joy in Northern Europe.
To participate was embarrassing, and for some people therefore important. But the dance got a new meaning and a new importance the further we went, and as we entered Iran, we honestly thought we wouldn’t make it. All because public dancing is illegal, and we didn’t want to put our participants in a dangerous situation. So we thought we could let it be this time.

But something happened.
Something that made us think that we no longer control the Chicken Dance. It got a different value in Iran. It became a symbol for the freedom that the people here dream of. They wanted to dance, only because they were not allowed to. They didn’t want to limit themselves by being the only country that wouldn’t participate in the Chicken Dance Tour.

So we got talked into staying one more day in a city somewhere in Iran. Our new found friends called some of their friends, and late in the afternoon we went to see a theater group. These people were willing to let us arrange our Chicken Dance in their buildings.

They set up their lights, and some of their children joined the two of us and danced, smiling and laughing. To protect these people and let them continue to be brave and change the world, we are not going to show you the video. It stays in our private collection of amazing memories from this journey. When the revolution comes, we’ll be the first to post the video.

But we thank you, dear friends, for your enthusiasm, your courage, and the freedom that you spread. You showed us that the Chicken Dance is more that just a silly game. You touched our hearts and you made us think.

Thank you so much!

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