The World – Our Second Home

Our CouchSurfing host made us think the other day.
We’ve been staying with him in Damascus for a few days. He hosts us, even though CouchSurfing is officially illegal in Syria. The original site is blocked. But since people are still into it, they find their ways to get around it. And our host doesn’t only host us. For the last couple of days he has been hosting over 20 people from all over the world!

We asked him what his drive is. Why does he do this? He could possibly get in some sort of trouble for it. And even if the legal point wasn’t there, this still keeps him really busy.
Most people we know would call this “No private time”.

But not Feras.
“I want to make Syria a second home for everybody. I want to make people happy.”

We were really impressed by his answer. Why didn’t we never think of that? Or why didn’t we hear it before? What if everybody thought a bit more like this. To make their country second home for foreigners. We are so gonna work on that, anyway!

If every country did, then the whole world would be our second home. Somewhat it is, already
though we didn’t define it like that before.

Feras erases the borders as well as he can. Though we might have to hide in the bathroom if his landlord showes up, he is still hosting us and telling us his door is open, anytime.
For us, that is the best of examples there is.

It might be a tuff act to follow, but we could try together, couldn’t we? :)

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