Please Be Stupid

Do you work with something you don’t love?
What would it take to make you quit?
What would happen if you stopped instantly, walked away and left?
What would happen if you did whatever it is that you love working with instead?
What would happen if you did that, right now, regardless of where you are?

The last three years I’ve been working full time as a web developer in Stockholm.
I used to love it.
A few months ago I found that most of the time I had my mind on completely different things.
My body was present, but my mind wasn’t.
For some people that’s perfectly OK, but for me it isn’t.
I wasn’t passionate enough, it was time to move on.

My friend used to start singing “The Rose” by Bette Midler while at the office. That was purely out of passion.
Sometimes he swore at the computer for not compiling with his wishes.
That’s passionate as well, but that’s not the kind of passion that I’m talking about here.

So, what is passion?
Passion is not something to ignore nor dream about.
Passion is very real and very important.
It’s something that you should treat with the greatest respect and sensibility.
Passionate people blister, glows and shines.
Passionate people changes the world.
How would the world turn out if all people followed their passions?

I don’t have one specific passion, I’ve got several.

I’m passionate about:
* connecting with people
* tasting flavors
* positive psychology, it is in my veins
* hitchhiking- makes me smile
* Amanda
* personal development
* having and sharing fun
* organizing crazy things, such as the Chicken Dance
* adventure
* dancing
* participatory culture
* outdoors

That’s why I’m doing this right now.
I started following my passions instead of staying at a place that didn’t speak to my heart as well as to my wallet.
At my old working place I actually tried organizing a “Glee” inspired musical group. That didn’t catch on with my co-workers.
Now, we’re doing it the international way instead by arranging the Chicken Dance and other related upcoming events!

I’m extremely excited about this project!
What are you passionate about?

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