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ICA Maxi director jealous with MangoManjaro

With less than a week until departure, we’re busy doing everything from weighing every little thing that we’re putting in our backpacks to spending time with our siblings.

We’re also currently looking for local support from entrepreneurs who are willing to send their products to addresses where we’ve stayed.

Wednesday morning we visited a big local group of business owners assembled at a meeting especially arranged for discussions about Gotland’s future. They gladly gave us around 10 minutes to talk about MangoManjaro and spread some good words about the Chicken Dance and the tour. Before we left, we got plenty of interesting comments. “Everybody in this room is jealous”, said the director of ICA Maxi, the largest supermarket on Gotland. A different person said “We wish we did that – 20 years ago”. We smiled as we replied “It’s not too late. Wanna come and join us?”.

To all Gotlandic people: We’re still looking for tastes, images, and sounds from Gotland to market along our route!

Regarding the pledge:
So far, three  four  people pledged money to help us buy a better camera. That’s about 600 euro. For a second we thought, “hmm, maybe we’ll have to stand the old camera”. Then we saw a short film made with it.
And…we’re no longer planning on standing it.
So, folks, this is for you!
Get HD-Chicken Dance shots with the camera that YOU sponsored :) !

We’re also looking for local support in the countries that we’re going to. In this case, Poland is no. 1 on the list. Do you want to dance the Chicken Dance with us in Krakow? Or let us sleep on your coach in Slupsk? Maybe you have ideas about places we shouldn’t miss, things that we just have to see, or water that we just have to swim in? Contact us!

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One week left!

We have now completed our work (in Stockholm and Visby) since a week. Before that we only worked with MangoManjaro when we met each other at weekends, and late hours over the phone during the weeks.

Our new life is temporary set in the idyll of Herrvik where we’re warming up our thumbs, testing the equipment and picking mushrooms when we’ve got the time. Before departure, we’re looking forward to a dramatic survival camp with our siblings, their friends and all creatures of the forest. This week also means that we go around to different clubs, branches and groups to brainstorm on collaborations and possible further ambassador plans.

As soon as we face the question “What are you doing next?” we’re taking the opportunity to tell people about the journey and ask them: “What would you like to see from our trip? What would you do if you did this?”. We have received many interesting responses. “Toilets”, suggests a famous Swedish playwright. A game designer wishes a survey of game culture, while others have asked to see pictures of / read stories about food, patterns, tree climbing goats, homosexual culture, etc!
The idea to ask many people in different countries the same question has inspired us a lot.

Is there anything special that you want to see or hear?
Contact us and let us know!

Help us deliver in HD!

We’re licensing all material that we produce during our trip under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

This means that you are free to copy and use, remix and share the material however you please (yes, even for commercial purposes) as long as you link back to us.

We want to buy better gear in order to deliver high quality, high definition material to you.

To be able to do this, we need your help!

You can help us out by backing this project financially, or by spreading the word.
As an extra reward, you’ll even get a little something something!

This project will only be funded if we’ll receive €1500 before September 20th, 2010.
If we won’t succeed before this date, you’ll get your money back.

Updated 2010-09-19

5 persons/organizations have backed this project and €705 has been pledged.


and get a postcard from us during the journey.

and receive a personal gift sent from a certain country.

and we’ll publish your link on our website.

and we’ll publish your link with your logo on our website.

and we’ll perform an exclusive version of the Chicken Dance and record it at a place that you choose*.

*We’ll evaluate the location and refund your money if we can’t do it.