The Bulgarian dream – Meet Chris and Claire

The first time we met the British couple Chris and Claire (Wild Thyme) was through a HelpX project in Southern France. In was early spring, and they had recently left England and their jobs as archeologists, happily driving their Ebay catch, an old van turned into a mobile home.

When we heard that Chris and Claire had found their luck in the north of Bulgaria, we were keen to visit them. We stayed for almost a week.

Each day we worked in the garden to the sweet smell of soil. Each
afternoon we had a nice cup of tea. Each evening we ate natural,
organic and locally produced food that we cooked in turns. With
that we drank young, delicious red wine or the local beer. Chris
would sometimes play the fiddle. Clair would give a soothing angel
reading. Or we’d just game a game of Jungle Speed.
Communities like this come and goes with the people that makes them.
Wild Thyme puts Palamartsa on the map by just blogging about it.

Welcome to Wild Thyme!

1 thought on “The Bulgarian dream – Meet Chris and Claire

  1. Breno Cola

    Who said that we can’t enjoy yourself and life when work a bit.
    Loved the part of the video that one of you conducted an interview inside a hot spring pool at the Black sea shore in Bulgaria.
    It made me want to go there for the hot pool and exotic location.
    Cheers my friends.


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