Meet Our Driver: Muhammed

We’re hitchhiking from Poland to India. On our way we get to meet a lot of beautiful and positive drivers who share a tiny part of their lives with us. In this video, we meet Muhammed from Turkey, who lives in Izmir. Thank you again Muhammed!

3 thoughts on “Meet Our Driver: Muhammed

  1. Breno Cola

    Loved that he turned around the interview and asked a great question to you.
    Loved your response that people are afraid of everything, travel actually. Where are our courage, like great Vikings or sailor from Spain and Portugal of 15th (XV) Century that traveled to unknown “roads” and far away Continents?
    During the video, I’m only afraid that Mohammed, the driver, was taking his hands of the car’s heels a lot of times for so long (5:25-5:35)…
    P.S.: Let’s keep with the plan to do the chicken dance in a square or in a sidewalk, not inside of a moving car (specially do not make the driver dance). All right?! Please.
    Silly me.
    Cheers to you modern Vikings who are going to “discover” a new way to India!
    Hope that the good Viking spirit goes with you in your journey.


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