Why do we travel?

What is traveling?
We associate traveling with new impressions of all kinds, and we believe that new impressions will develop us in many different ways. It makes us more willing to care, to live, to create and to love.

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We travel to reach our full personal potential.
Traveling means meeting new people, and engaging with (to us) unknown cultures:
* tasting unknown foods
* wandering on unknown roads
* playing and singing unknown music
* viewing unknown landscapes
* taking part of unknown peoples lives

We’re finding it harder to fulfill ourselves while being on the same schedule every day.
Getting up in the morning, going to work, having dinner, go to sleep, getting up again.
This routine can be devastating. For us it is! At home we’re not actively engaging with the people that we encounter, we don’t try to make new food, we don’t teach ourselves new languages and we don’t try out new instruments.
Do you?
While traveling we’ve experienced that we can be better than we are at home,
that we are actually better than ourselves.
That’s why we’re traveling!
Traveling makes us more open to new possibilities, more daringly, active and more social.

Traveling thrills us!
Not knowing where you’ll spend the night, or what you’ll see tomorrow or even the following hour or minute thrills. When you’re on the road, you need to interact with random people and solve difficult problems to be able to move on.
You need to:
* force yourself out of your comfort zone
* reach out to people
* learn all the time – new words, habits and manners

This type of challenge makes you sleep very well.
We love sleeping. We love dreaming.

What thrills you and why do you travel?

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