Hello world!

Sweden, the nation that brought you The Pirate Bay, IKEA, ABBA, Robyn, Kalles Kaviar and Per Gessle (yes, we’re truly deeply sorry for Per Gessle) now brings you MangoManjaro.se!

Two super blond, truth seeking, pop delicious crazy swedes on a quest to bring joy and
adventure to the masses is starting their hitchhiking journey in Gdansk, Poland, september 2010.

Our destination: New Delhi, India.
In order to make our very short swedish summer a permanent one,
we’re going to hitchhike all the way to New Delhi from Gdansk!
Along our way, we will trace the origin of love, courage and will.

How does the sound, gestures and sights of love transform over eastern europe to western asia?
How do the syrian arabs treat their guests?
How does the Chicken Dance work in Krakow?
How does it work in New Delhi?
Will the people of Teheran enjoy it as much as we do in Kräklingbo?
Will it make them smile, laugh and cry tears of joy?
Or will it makes them so effing pissed that we’ll suffocate by
the collective grip force of their furious combined hands?

No one knows…yet!

Follow us on this blog, and we’ll keep you posted on our findings, misfortunes and experiences!

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