Mission #1: The Map Awakening

How do you know where you want to go?
You probably don’t!
Great start!

Get a map for direct inspiration

Step 1
Get a map.
There is one in our sidebar if you cannot find a physical one.
Or you might go to Google Maps.

Step 2
Think about where you want to go.
Someplace hot, cold or dry? Do you wish to see high mountains, or do you want to swim in the ocean?
Picking cities, countries or places based on funny names, cool colors on the map or knowledge from your favourite TV-show is a great start! No drive or feeling towards anything is too silly or too unlogical to follow.
Do you like The Beatles and wish to walk on Abbey Road in London? Go there!
Anything is much better than nothing, and often a hunch is all you’ll ever get!
We knew we wanted to get to India, in one way or another.

Think about routes
Start planning!

Step 3
Now- start planning, and your journey has started.
As soon as the thoughts of a journey has taken place, you will automagically make small small changes in your daily life towards it. Meaning: you’re already traveling.

Good luck, lycka till and bon voyage!
Remember to send us a digital postcard :) !

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