Video: The Theater of Pergamon

The people that created the theater of Pergamon really dared to dream big.
Besides the theater, Pergamon (Bergama) also had the second biggest library of the ancient world!

5 thoughts on “Video: The Theater of Pergamon

  1. Breno Cola

    Big Dreams. Oj. Sometimes we (me) forget to dream big dreams. Tack so mycket because you two remind us.
    Great video and view. Beautiful.
    Robin, you are the web expert, do you mind to share how are you getting internet access all over the world? Is it cell phone? Hot spot in cafes?
    Tack igen,
    your friend Breno

    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      Glad that you enjoyed it :) !
      Yes! It’s hard to dream big, and therefore it’s more crowded while trying to create mediocre realities.
      As for Internet access, we’re using whatever hot spots we find. Most camping sites, hostels, cafés and restaurants have WiFi these days. If we can’t find it that way, we walk around and try find an open network.
      Tack själv!


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