Adventure Excerpts: Bogdan – The Bulgarian Border Police

The Bulgarian border

We crossed the Bulgarian border by foot. The border consists of a huge bridge that goes over the Danube.
When we reached the first gate, we met a border police named Bogdan.
He stood straddled, as a dark silhouette, arms to his sides with his back straight.
– “Stop! Hold it! Passport control!” He held up his hand towards us as a stop signal.
We looked at each other, smiled and handed him our passports.

– “Ah… Swedish! Welcome to Bulgaria!”
– “Guttland… is that Gothenburg? Gothenburg?”
– “No no no… Here… take a look at our pin!” We tried to show him a pin that said “Gotland”.
He shook his head, leaned backwards and shook his pointing finger. He really didn’t want to see it.
Obviously, he thought that we were trying to bribe him. We didn’t ask for anything though…

He seemed a bit like Forrest Gump.
Posted at a station where almost no one will ever be likely to pass by foot.
We tried showing him a piece of paper to inform him about the URL to this site.
He just repeated “No no no no no!” and shook his finger.

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