The Fine Line

There is always a fine, fine line between satisfaction and disappointment. Between beeing excited and being restless.

When we’re at home working, we dream about traveling. We believe it would make it all easier. Not knowing where to spend the night, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We dream about endless conversations with stangers, about endless hours on the road.

But when we travel, we might dream of being on a schedule, living with a structure, knowing there is coffee in the kitchen, that we can have a hot shower whenever we like, and that our daily work will pay our bills. All of a sudden, this life might seem like the easy version, the peace giving, the right. It is the differences that makes us appreciate. It is the challenge in both lifestyles that makes us eager to try.

When it’s too hot, we wish it would start snowing. When it’s to cold, we would do mostly anything to catch some heat.

We’ve met so many friendly people during this journey, that we almost stop noticing their hospitality.
We’ve seen such amazing things, that what we find interest in at the moment, are the most simple things.
A cup of espresso, hanging out with our siblings. Well, not that that’s “simple things”, but still, it’s very natural for us.

Until the cravings for new adventures show up – probably in a few days or so – it is time for us to go home.

4 thoughts on “The Fine Line

  1. Bodil heijbel

    Kanske konsten är att vara i nuet och uppskatta det man har, oavsett…att få öppnade ögon i “det självklara”..underlättar naturligtvis om man varierar sysslor ,lättare att då variera tanken..välkomna hem Kärlek!!!


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