You Are Constantly Changing Your World

Amanda is communicating… what exactly?

Every day has the potential of changing the course of human history.
All it takes is ideas and your actions to make them come true.

We do our best changing the world by meeting people, dancing with them and writing about it.
This is not the only way.
You are constantly changing the world somehow.
It is impossible not to communicate, and by communicating you’re automatically affecting your environment in either one direction or the other.

When you’re walking down the streets, are you smiling?
Whistling? Dancing?
What would happen if you walked in a different way?
As if you were somebody else?
Try smiling and see how the world reacts to that.
How does your action affect your world?
What results do you get?

Here in Syria, people smile a lot!
This is a major difference from how it was in Sweden or Poland.

We’re not sure why it is like this. But we know how to change it.
Just start smiling :) !

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