New Introduction Video And More!

First off, we’ve made a new introduction video.

Check it out, share it with your friends and let us know what you think!

Second, we want to congratulate Kim Jakobsson, the lucky winner of our podcast competition!
The correct answer is “Summarn Kummar”.

Third, we’ll be sending out a new gift today to Bodil Heijbel who has made another donation to us. Thank you so much for your support!
This is what the last packages that we sent to our supporters looked like:

Fourth, for anybody looking for inspiration we now have the pleasure of offering our readers a 15% discount on Chris Guillebeau’s well made guides for unconventional living. Chris has inspired us in many ways. He’s a talented writer whose core mission is to help people live remarkable lives. The discount is valid until Monday 29/11! In order to get the discount you need to enter the code “PUMPKIN”.

Keep shining, all njaros of the world!
Amanda and Robin

2 thoughts on “New Introduction Video And More!

  1. Breno Cola

    Why do I think I recognize one of these letters?! Did I see that delicious apple turkish tea at the table? That’s why the letter taste so good. :D

    I like the first introduction video better. Did I say it loud? Oops, sorry guy, love you though.

    I know you probably aren’t that couple in the first video back in Sweden anymore. However it was so nicely edited and playfully done. Who did? Whatever…

    …I am having hard time to get over the past today and accepting new things. :D
    packing and cleaning stuff here.

    Sorry for my honest opinion.

    Although, if it wasn’t in a comparison, the new video has good stuff too. Nice settings of breathtaking landscapes in the background.

    Keep going. I really love it here.


    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      Sure one of those letters is yours, kompis!

      Thanks for your honest comment. We are really curios to know what exactly that you like better about the old video?
      Grateful for your feedback!

      We’re sending good energy from Jordan to keep you going, too!
      A & R


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