Two Months On The Road!

We’ve been on the road for two months now.

Here are this month’s (October/November 2010) statistics:


  • 2 countries passed
  • One border crossed by car
  • 35 drivers (from Ruse, Bulgaria to Dörtyol, Turkey)
  • 3000 km / 1863 miles traveled

The Chicken Dance

  • 1 public dance arranged, (failing twice)


  • 21 nights spent in hostels
  • 3 nights spent camping in a camp site
  • 2 nights spent with people who we’ve met on our way
  • 6 nights spent with friends who we knew from before

Blog activity

  • 26 published posts
  • 37 new fans on Facebook
  • 12 new followers on Twitter
  • Number of new newsletter subscribers unknown – MailChimp not reachable
  • ~2000 visitors
  • ~85 daily visitors
  • 49 comments posted by engaged readers
  • Number of Facebook likes per post unknown – Facebook blocked in Syria


  • 227 € donated by readers who supports us financially (thank you again!)
  • A daily bud get of 13€ per person, for food, accommodation and local transports. That’s about 390€ per person.

We believe in full transparency, so you can expect to see a summary like this next month as well.

Read the statistics for September/October and compare them!

Thank you very much for participating in this adventure!
Amanda and Robin

2 thoughts on “Two Months On The Road!

  1. Darren Alff

    That’s a great start… even if you weren’t able to successfully arrange the chicken dances. Are you finding it easy/difficult to update the website as you go along? Are you doing most of it from Internet cafes? Or where? How?

    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      Thank you!
      We’re finding it easy actually, the world is more connected than ever. Usually we find it in regular cafés, hotel lobbies, hostels and in people’s homes. Sometimes we just walk around in the streets and try out the local WiFis. WordPress’s scheduling function rocks our world!


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