Podcast #1 – Introduction

Photo by Alice Heijbel

This is our first podcast ever, which is supposed to give you an even more uncensored and direct experience of our trip. Our podcast will serve you sounds, anecdotes and music from our hitchhiking adventure!

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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Theme based on track by Matty Blades.

2 thoughts on “ Podcast #1 – Introduction

  1. Costas

    Excellent! At last!

    More of this please. Videos are good but this allows me to keep in touch with your great travels while cycling or on the subway.

    Well done guys and good luck!

    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion and your gift! It has proven itself very useful to us. We’ll try to post a new episode each week, so let us know what you like. Happy commuting!


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