Increase Your Happiness By Hitchhiking

Happy, serbian driver

I’ve spent lot’s of hours reading books about Positive Psychology.
Research made in this field suggest that you’ll get happier if you feel grateful.
One of their simple receipes for happiness is to keep a gratitude journal, which you write in every day before going to sleep.

When you are hitchhiking you’re constantly putting yourself in an insecure position, with no power but the power to decline a possible offer.

Hundreds of cars pass you by. Someone smiles. Somebody gives you the thumbs down. Somebody waves. Someone stops, just to race as soon as you’re
getting close to their window.

And then somebody stops. And smiles.
And asks you: “Where do you wish to go?”.

After sharing a tiny part of their lives with you, some asks you if you’d like a cup of coffee while they re-fill their cars with gasoline.
Then they help you find a place to sleep. Or they call some friends. They might even share their home with you.
And they wish you good luck.
They laugh, smile, honks and waves as they leave you.
Just as if you’d known them for all of your life.

What do you get for hitchhiking?
Friends, gratitude and most importantly – hope.

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