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A Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas! To those of you who don’t, you might want to after reading this.

An important question came to life within us about week ago:
What is cooler: to travel for months and months in a row and come home looking like Robinson Crusoe, or to be modern and flexible enough to take a 10-days break and visit your family (because you can!)?
We recently decided the second alternative is cooler. Because of this decision, this blog post will tell you a little Christmas story, and teach you how to play a real trick on you family at the same time!

Read the whole Christmas carol!

The Official Chicken Dance Tour Day!

We’ve arranged 11 Chicken Dances in 7 countries so far.
Now, we would love it if you’d arrange one yourself!
Next Friday, the 29th of October is the official Chicken Dance Tour Day.

We challenge you:
Arrange one at work, in school, in your public square, in a mall or wherever you think that people deserve some more fun!

Email your entries to us, or upload them yourself on YouTube and we’ll publish them on MangoManjaro!

How many Chicken Dances can we arrange together?

We want this to strike as a sudden storm on Friday!

Guerilla dancing has never been more fun, silly or international ;) !

If you have any questions or need inspiration, don’t hesitate to email us @

Good luck!