Life as a constant adventure

Some people asked us directly on return what our next adventure would be about.
“What’s the next challenge?” they asked.
“Each moment of life has the possibility of being a challenge and an adventure, if you so choose.” was our predictable answer.

Now, we might have a more satisfying answer for you all:
We’re expecting a baby in December! This is our biggest adventure to date. Amanda has been struggling with nausea and puking during 4,5 months now, and hasen’t been able to work much, though we’re nearly halfway through the pregnancy. This has been a great challenge for Amanda, as she has not been out or even seen much besides the bed and the toilet. We’re pretty sure it will be worth the struggle x 1000 though, and can’t wait for this years Christmas to come around and expand our little family.

We’re planning on moving to Gotland within a few years, and so we’re keeping an eye on the housing market. We wish for our child to have the privilege of calling Gotland her/his home, just as we’ve had. Inspired by the HelpX and WOOFing community, we’re planning on getting a big house somewhere on the country side. Now, it won’t be expensive and it won’t be pretty but it will be a fun project! And guess what? You’re all invited.

This geographical move will certainly result in a big pile of new challenges that need to be completed! And what an adventure :) ! For starters, we don’t even know if we’ll be able to find work on Gotland, or how we’re going to solve that potential issue. Only time will tell.

This certainly doesn’t mean we won’t keep traveling, blogging etc. Writing about our future journeys as a family will probably be even more relevant and just as interesting.

Now we’ve heard that Niall is about to start his long journey, that Andra and Razvan are moving to China, and Breno is back (and blogging!) in Brazil.

What is your next move?

10 thoughts on “Life as a constant adventure

    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      MJ! Thank you so much, it’s great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well and wish to see you soon mate!

  1. Anna fd kollega på Fröjd

    Stort grattis Robin med familj!!! :) Ni har verkligen något att se fram emot och jag hoppas din tjej mår bättre snart! Vår lilla tjej Minou har redan hunnit bli snart 16 mån och varje dag är en positiv överraskning som alltid bjuder på något nytt! För mig väntar arbetslivet snart igen och det är dubbla känslor, helst av allt vill jag vara med det lilla livet mest hela tiden! ;) Kram och lycka till!

    1. mangomanjaro Post author

      Tack så mycket Anna, vad kul att du tittar förbi!
      Ja, det hoppas jag med!
      Minou, det är ett sådant fint namn!
      Vart jobbar du nu någonstans? Bonnier?
      Kram :) !


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