5 Swedish Music Creators You Deserve To Hear

Music is very important to us. It helps us understand, feel, move and it inspires us. Here comes five really good music creators from Sweden that you should know of!

Robin’s take

Fever Ray

I started listening to ‘Fever Ray‘ after seeing this video. It’s just so tribal, Nordic and spellbinding. It will trigger your imagination!

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.


Pascal‘ consists of three persons. The sound is raw and rough and their lyrics sounds like mantras. And guess what? They are mantras!

Amanda’s take

Veronica Maggio

A few years back I heard an interview with Veronica Maggio on the radio. My reaction was: “What wrong with her attitude?” I couldn’t figure out until I heard her singing. She is something as rare as a Swedish soul singer, totally unique in voice and spirit.

Cornelis Vreeswijk

I want to add Dutch born Cornelis because he’s somewhat a Swedish legend within political music, and I always loved his music and creative lyrics. Unfortunately dead after heavy liver issues caused by massive drinking.

Our favorite in common


Since her first hit song in 1995 when she was 16 years old, Robyn made her way (as 5 year old Amanda’s first and biggest idol). Artists who keep producing and developing this much during 15 years are rare. She just ROCKS!

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