Cancel your life 3- Ending your bills with style

When you’re going traveling for a long time it’s usually a good idea to cancel your bills.
What are you paying for that you won’t need while you’re traveling?

Our list contained:

  • Mobile phone plan
  • Broadband
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Gym card
  • Electricity
  • Insurances
  • Club membership fees
  • Premium television channels
  • Book clubs

Ending these things is a real joy.
Instead of piling stuff, you’re now saving your money.
But as with everything we’ve mentioned it should be done with style!
Often the companies will ask you why you’re leaving them.

This is a golden opportunity to inspire and entertain the employee that will read and transcribe your statement.

Answer it in a creative way!

This is what Robin poetically wrote (originally in Swedish) to Radiotj√§nsten (Sweden’s public service):

Playing in Herrvik

I hereby cancel my television and radio subscription.
I’m passionately in love inspired and will therefore go traveling indefinitely with the coolest cat, Miss Heijbel.
We’ve just resigned from work, Sweden and the ubiquitous gray.

We celebrated midsummer in Herrvik on Gotland, and in the evening we ran around and played.
The Sun had just gone down over the old fishing port and the moon appeared, large, detailed and burningly scarlet.
The air was warm and smelled deliciously of midsummer flowers and salt.
Gulls, and the sea’s calm breath could be heard from a distance: the night approached the harbor which was dozing off into sleep.

That awakened something in us, and the office does not feel as exciting any longer.
We’ll go to Poland first and then travel over land to India. Russia and China is around the corner. Thailand too, for that matter. Croatia, Syria, Iran and Pakistan are countries that excites us on our journey!
If you or your colleagues want to learn more or join us on our adventure, be ready as I will email you the URL later.

Until next time I hope that you will enjoy the wonderful winter here in Sweden, and play a lot of games!
All the best!
/ Robin

Now, go get creative and then tell us your story.

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