Cancel your life # 1- Stand up for your ideas

While working on your plans, you’ll most likely find people telling you that

– where you’re going is not safe
– you’re crazy
– you’re even out of your mind
– you’ll be back in a week
– you’ll never make it
– your plan is naive and unstable

These comments are not only related to traveling, it could be anything you’re dreaming of, any plans you’ve got. Buying a house, starting a career as a musician, getting married, painting your house in pink, going to law-school, starting a camel farm, adopting a child, etc, etc. 

This part is probably the hardest one, and usually also the main reason why most people never change their lives with drastic measures. We want to support you to do so anyway, if that’s what you actually want, cause 99 % of the negative reactions you might get are based on fear and lack of knowledge. Use this to motivate yourself! If somebody tells you that you cannot go to Colombia cause it’s too dangerous, ask this person, as well as yourself and Wikipedia, what the risks are. Remember that you won’t know the truth until you’re there, and that many people will learn from your experiences!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t take any advice, but there is a fine line between taking advices, and giving up on your dreams. You’re hopefully doing what ever it is because YOU want to.
So, what could really bring you down?

2 thoughts on “Cancel your life # 1- Stand up for your ideas

  1. Nicolai

    Awsome! I think it´s a great idéa and route. Hitch-hiking is the shit. Done a fare bit myself. Though never through a war zone. Probably going to be one of the hardest but also one of your most important experiences in your lives. Wish I was one of you having that great adventure ahead of you. All the best.


    1. robin

      Hi Nicolai!
      Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot!
      It would be interesting to hear more about your experience with hitchhiking, have you written about it somewhere?
      Meet with us on the way and tag along :) ?
      Take care!



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