Five Months on the Road – Statistics and Earnings

We have been on the road for five months now, and in the moment of writing we’ve just landed in Sweden and thereby finished our first MangoManjaro trip! Because of bad planning and visa issues we have not made INTO India, but to the border. More about that later.

This month’s (January/February 2011) statistics are a bit special. It is our final month of this journey, we were not able to hitchhike in the last country, and we have arranged both public and non public Chicken Dances.
Here we go!


  • 4 countries passed
  • 2 borders crossed by foot
  • 1 border crossed by car
  • 6293 km / 3910 miles traveled


  • 34 drivers (from Trabzon, Turkey to Karachi, Pakistan )
  • 32 % of the drivers spoke English
  • 100 % of the drivers were men

The Chicken Dance

  • 3 public dance arranged
  • 1 unofficial dance arranged, the first and only one during this trip


  • 16 nights spent in hostels
  • 5 night spent with new found friends
  • 5 nights spent CouchSurfing
  • 2 nights spent traveling
  • 1 night spent with the Pakistani police

Blog activity

  • 14 published posts
  • 23 new fans on Facebook
  • 24 new followers on Twitter
  • 1673 visitors
  • 55 daily visitors


  • A daily budget of around 8 € per person, for food, accommodation and local transports.
  • 200 € earned on selling material to the Swedish radio
  • 75 € donated by readers who supports us financially (thank you again, your gifts are on their way!)

We believe in full transparency, so you can expect to see a summary like this one even in future projects.

Read the statistics for December/January and compare them!

Thank you for following us all the way to the Indian border!

Unlimited love,
Amanda and Robin

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  1. Mohammad

    There is no where like home.
    We are happy that you are now at home.



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