Four Months on the Road – Statistics and Earnings

We have been on the road for four months now.
This time the statistics looks a bit less exact than last month since we decided to go to Sweden for Christmas. The distance traveled etc is based on our time abroad, excluding our break back home.

Here are this month’s (December/January 2010) statistics:


  • 3 countries passed (incl. Sweden)
  • 2 borders crossed by foot
  • 2400 km / 1490 miles traveled


  • 15 drivers (from Amman, Jordan to Trabzon, Turkey )
  • 27 % of the drivers spoke English

The Chicken Dance

  • 1 public dance arranged


  • 10 nights spent in hostels
  • 13 nights spent with family and friends in Sweden
  • 8 nights spent CouchSurfing

Blog activity

  • 13 published posts
  • 66 new fans on Facebook
  • 30 new followers on Twitter
  • 1627 visitors
  • 54 daily visitors


  • A daily budget of 10€ per person, for food, accommodation and local transports. That’s around 300€ per person.

We believe in full transparency, so you can expect to see a summary like this next month as well.

Read the statistics for November/December and compare them!

Thank you for following us into the new year!
What would you like to see next month?

Love and magical mango energy,
Amanda and Robin

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