Half Way to India From Poland Only By Hitchhiking

Somebody told us that Istanbul means half way to India. Depending on what way you’re going, of course,
but we feel like the second episode of this journey has started. We have entered Asia, the Middle East,
and the arabic culture. It is a whole new world where we so far didn’t hear any words for “hitchhiking”.
We’ll see how it goes!

Turkey has been a great pleasure. It has been easy to get around, and we have probably had more tea in 3 weeks
than we’ve had through our entire lives… A great time in a great country.
Now, we have just gotten our 15 day visas to Syria, and we are excited to spend some time here.

Since we are now in a country where both YouTube and Facebook are blocked, the use of Skype is techniqually illegal
and good WiFi seems to be more rare than common, we will probably not be able to post something on a daily basis.
In might also take us a few days to respond to e-mails and comments. So it’s not that we have turned ignorant
since we’ve entered Syria!

There is lots to tell, and we have a feeling that The Chicken Dance is gonna be something special here…
Just wait ;)!

Oh and by the way! We recently got featured at a travel blog – As We Travel.
They think that we’re the 18th most inspiring travel bloggers of 2010 out of 25! How about that :) ?

Welcome to MangoManjaro – part 2 !

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